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Silicone mat is the product with a great market demand among silicone products. It has the features of silicone, such as strain, toughness, good insulativity, resistance to pressure, resistance to high and low temperature, stable chemical properties, environmental and safe, no special smell, etc. Food grade silicone mats are non-toxic and no smell, insoluble in water as well as any solvent, which is a highly active green product, and silicone mats have inherent heat stability (-40℃-230℃), and suit to many occasions.

Our silicone mats replaced traditional straw mats, oil papers, etc., mainly applied to steaming food process, baking pastry producing industry, and also can be used as common kneading dough mats, dinning mats and heat-resisted mats, providing pastry process industry much more environmental and healthy cooking tools, and making the kitchen life of every family much convenient and pleasant.

Compared with traditional steamer mats, our silicone steaming mats have such advantages: non-toxic, no smell,      non-stick, high temperature resisted, easy to wash, good appearance, high cyclic utilization rate and so on.



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